Scientific Publishing and Remittance Integration services

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Automates the collection of Open Access, Publishing, Color Figure, and Reprint Charges.

Collecting publication charges,...

Whether the result of an Open Access model, page charges, print color figures, or reprint charges - can create challenges for publishers. How do you accurately bill the right person or institution? What if there are multiple authors and they're using different currencies and/or splitting the charge? Aptara's SciPris platform delivers solutions to conquer these challenges.

User Registration

Authors can easily create an account or connect using their Google or ORCID login. Users working within the publisher’s perl review platform can have a single sign on for both systems, eliminating the need to create a separate account.

Article Metadata

Article metadata can be automatically extracted via API from the publisher or third-party peer review platform or entered manually if needed. Based on the journal title and other metadata, SciPris will detect and display the corresponding publication charges. Users see all charges associated with their paper and can indicate co-authors that will split the charges, if applicable.

Invoicing and Payments

SciPris has a sophisticated, web-based module for invoicing and ecommerce.
Users can choose to generate an invoice, which is sent directly from the platform via email with a link back to SciPris for payment.

Or, users can bypass invoice generation and pay directly in the platform. If their native currency is not the US dollar, they can indicate their preferred currency and SciPris will auto-calculate the amount due.

Payments can be securely made using major credit or debit cards.

When payment is received, the publisher is notified that the article is ready for publication and funds collected are transferred within a few days. If the publisher uses a production system, an API can be put in place that automates this data transfer. If an author or institution is slow to pay, SciPris has a built-in collection service that handles the chasing for you.